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Our Mission


To coach, train and empower life coaches to grow their skills and confidence, create powerful client results and build a successful business that aligns with their life and lifestyle goals.

Founder's Beliefs


We believe coaches have the ability to help people live a more authentic life when it comes to their personal goals, relationships, finances, careers, faith, friendships and every other area of life.

We believe coaching is a skill that must be developed along with the natural gifts coaches have in order to serve their clients to their next level of success.

We believe coaches should continually invest in their own development around personal and business growth.

We believe in our RADICAL Core Concepts for a successful coaching practice: Self Work, Client Results, Business Strategies.


Doreen Rainey, CEO

our radical Philosophy

Core Concepts

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Self Work

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Fully explore your own purpose and create a mindset shift to empower you to manage fear, increase confidence and set up your personalized coaching practice success plan.

Stand in your strength, knowledge and expertise as you deal with the challenges that hold you back so you can fully serve your clients.

Client Results

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Connect more fully with your clients and give them greater results as you connect to your coaching type and style and provide a process that produces the outcomes your clients desire.

Gain a deeper understanding of how to move your clients in clarity, action steps and transformation with confidence.

Business Strategies

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Execute on the 4 pillars of solid business foundation so you can play full out to reach your financial goals.

Uplevel your branding, marketing and enrollment results. Get clarity on program design and pricing as you attract and be positioned to execute on your overall vision and mission.

How Can We Help You?

Your Coach Journey

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The journey to growing your successful coaching practice is not meant to be taken alone. Connect with other coaches and be inspired by the support, connections and knowledge available to you inside our tribe.

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The Society is an exclusive membership of success focused life coaches accessing monthly education, training coaching and support to continually grow their practice and increase revenue.

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become a
certified coach

Our RADICAL Life Coach Training & Certification Program is in-depth, comprehensive and results driven. Focused on our Core Concepts, the curriculum focuses on Self Work, Client Results and Business Strategies.

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Align + Advance

A high level collective for coaches who enroll clients consistency and are now ready to accelerate growth and revenue, stepping fully into the role of CEO to achieve bigger business and lifestyle goals.

our radical clients

Create Real Results

Doreen shared one strategy in our private VIP day coaching session that I implemented and I earned my entire investment back in one week.

- Sally Strackbein

Charreah Jackson was ready to move forward with her coaching business and went from 0 - 30 clients, launching her group program.

Doreen's coaching transformed me personally and in my business. My revenue increased $200,000 in a little over a year working with Doreen.

- Zakiya Mills

Charmaine Dunn speaks to the power of community when it comes to building a profitable business. No one makes it happen on their own.

Doreen gave me the clarity I didn't know I needed. I was spinning my wheels wasting time and money. Now I have a true business strategy.

- Ronnetta Stokes

Kim Bryant shares the power of clarity and understanding who you serve as a coach and what you want your clients to accomplish.


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